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Classes at Legacy


Wee Gymnastics - Ages 2-3:

Parent participation class. The instructor leads the parent to help the child through activities designed to give the student an introduction to gymnastics and to enhance balance, strength, flexibility, large and fine motor skills, listening skills, and parent/child bonding in a fun positive, atmosphere. 


Mini Gymnastics- Ages 3 1/2 - 4:

Beginning skills and drills on floor, bars, beam, vault and trampoline will be introduced. Through repetition of basic skills and drills the student will develop flexibility, strength, coordination and large motor skills crucial to a strong foundation of basics for the student to build upon in a fun, positive environment. 

Gymnastics Classes – Level A-Level C - Boys & Girls Ages 5-1/2 and older:

All gymnasts ages 5 and Up will begin in Level A, and will advance as they obtain the necessary skills.

Level A -

The student will develop beginner basic skills on floor, vault, bars, beam and trampoline.

Level B -

The student will expand their gymnastics foundation to include more of the advanced skills.

Level C -

The student continues all of the above but workouts become more intense. More emphasis will be placed on gaining flexibility and strength to help with the mastery of the more advanced basics and for the safety of the student.

Combo Classes - Mini and Level A:

These classes include a combination of gymnastics and dance, including exposure to jazz and ballet. This class meets once a week. Part of the class time is spent on dance and the other on gymnastics.

Cheer Classes


Cheer Team - A competitive program working towards competitions in the spring. Cheer Team is made up of 2 cheer classes and a tumbling class.

For 2018-2019 we are having try outs on June 1st for a Mini Cheer Team, Junior Cheer Team and a Senior Cheer Team.


Competition Team

For students who have been chosen by the staff and have met the recommended skill requirements set by team coaches. Legacy Gymnastics competes under the “USA Gymnastics” Competitive Program. Competitions take place with other clubs across the state and region. Our competitive gymnasts range from 5 to 18 years of age.

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