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Summer 2024

Lots of amazing options for Summer Camps and Classes! Come join us!

Summer 2024 Schedule

ScheduleSummer 2024.jpg

During the summer, we use  a Class Pass* system! 

3 Class Pass: $50
6 Class Pass: $95
12 Class Pass: $175
24 Class Pass: $299

Passes are valid during both our June and July sessions. 

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Sign Up
for Summer Camps! Special discount through
April 21!

2024 Cheer team camp.jpg
   Ages 5 & Up
Acro & Tumbling Cheer Camp!
May 31-June 1
Learn all about the A&T competitive & College program that takes Cheer to the next level! Stunting, tumbling, routines... the best of all of it!
Try outs for the Green Lightning Team will be the second day at 4:00. Ages 7 & Up are invited to try out, but you can do the camp and choose not to do the try outs. Come have fun!
Only $140

Journey to the Olympics
June 3-5
Ages 5 & Up
$165 - Includes a special leotard (or shirt for the boys!)

F 2024 Olympic gym camp.jpg
June 10-13   Ages 3-7
Bust A Move with Bluey

Dance to Bluey!
Explore a different episode of Bluey each day!
Snacks, crafts and lots of
dancing and exploration! 

Only $140!
24 3-7 Bust A Move with Bluey.jpg
2024 Barbie.jpg
June 17-20   Ages 5 & Up
Barbie Spa Party!

4 Days of Pampering, Relaxing, Dancing and Having Fun!
Dance to a different song each day!
Snacks and lots of
dancing and exploration! 

Only $140!
June 24-27   Ages 3-6 / 7 & Up
Super Mario Bros Adventure!

Calling all Princesses and Mario Brothers... It's time to get Bowser!
Snacks, crafts and lots of
dancing and exploration! 

Only $140!
Super Mario.jpg
2024 F 5& Up Ninjas & Nerf Guns Camp.jpg
June 6 & 7   Ages 5 & Up
Ninjas & Nerf Guns!

Two days of Ninjas, obstacle courses, skills and Nerf Guns!
It's going to be epic!

Only $110!
My First Camp Experience
Ages 1-4 (Child w/Adult)
Bust a Move w/Bluey (June 13)
Barbie & Ken Party (June 20)
Party w/Mickey & Friends (June 27)
Freezing the Night Away (July 18)

Snacks, Fun, Gym, Ninja &

Each is Only $40!
2024 Swifties Camp.jpg
July 15-18   Ages 3-7 / 7 & Up
Calling All Swifties
In My Sparkle Era 3-7 year olds
In My Pop Star Era 7 & Up
Dance like Taylor Swift!
Pamper yourself like Taylor Swift!
Snacks, Fun and lots of

Only $140!
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