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Alice In Wonderland



We are so excited for our Spring Recital, Alice In Wonderland.  It will be here before you know is some general info, feel free to ask any questions. Rehearsals and Recitals are at the North Platte Community Playhouse located at              301 East 5th St in downtown North Platte.


Costumes: All costume payments are due in full.  Amounts have been posted to your accounts.


Recital Fee: Recital Fee is due May 15.  $35 per dancer, $15 each additional dancer in a family.


Pictures: May 9-12 during regular class times. Come to class ready for pics and then they will practice in costume also.  


Recital is May 21st 2:00 and 6:00  

Dancers arrive, ready to dance, 1 hour before their start time. Doors open 30 minutes before start time, recital begins at 2:00 or 6:00pm. 

A list of which night each class is in recital is posted below. 


Rehearsals: Dress Rehearsals (in FULL COSTUME) will be on Friday, May 20 at the North Platte Community Playhouse. Dancers arrive, ready to dance at 4:00 or 4:30pm. 

Parent Helpers: Please see Sarah Alexander as soon as possible if you are willing to be a parent helper!

Rehearsal is Friday, May 20th. Some of the young classes come from 4:00-5:00. Everyone else is 4:30 until we are done. We will practice finale first and then run the show from the beginning and dancers can leave when their last dance has been rehearsed. 

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